Sunday, 20 May 2012

Blog Hop: the winners

Many, many thanks to everyone who has taken part either reading the blog discussions or leaving a message. There have been some great comments.

The winners of the blog hop are as follows:

Day 1: Places to ‘boink’ – Tianna for her huge long list. I am specifically intrigued by the idea of doing it in front of an audience (not me personally! But including such a scene in a future book).

Day 2: Use of sex toys – Lynn for the fact that she mentions the important thing when writing about sex toys – doing research.

Day 3: Erotic movie scenes – Gracie because she reminded me of a love scene from the film The Terminator I also think is incredibly erotic.

Day 4: Erotic photos – Vanessa for making a valuable comment that many people have erotic photos done for wedding presents but when she married 30+ years ago it would have been regarded as porn. How times are changing.

Day 5: Humour in erotic romance – Pat for telling us about her M/M superhero comedy which has a man in spandex falling in love with someone who turns into a dinosaur! My sort of humour, definitely.

Day 6: BDSM in erotic romance – Tatum for posting nearly every day(!) and in particular for reminding me that it is up to the publisher of erotic romances as to whether they think your story is suitable for their market.

I have yet to decide on the overall winner for the week to go to a UK reader. The prize being a goodie bag offered by Sh! Women’s Sex Emporium shops in London as I am still trying to work out which of the readers was from the UK! Read my blog next week to find out.

All good wishes and thanks once again for taking part.

Email me on with your chosen book from the six books I have out at the moment – see and I will send you a copy (let me know which format).

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