Sunday, 13 May 2012

Blog Hop

Hi everyone

Yes, I know I don’t normally blog on a Sunday but I have two books out this month (Friend or Foe and The Sub Who Switched). Both are available from (they will be on Amazon in about a month).

To celebrate (or commiserate?) that these are the last two books in each series ‘The Friends & Acquaintances’ series and the ‘Dom & Acquaintances’ series which have cross-over characters and timelines from one series to the next – I am having a blog hop every day this week on my blog starting from tomorrow. Each day’s post will pick up a theme from my books and I really want you to leave a comment! In return I will choose the most interesting comment each day and that person will win a copy of one of my books from either series.

These are the themes:

Day 1 (Monday 14 May) – ‘Boinking’: where have my characters had sex and what is the most unusual place to ‘boink’?
Day 2 (Tuesday 15 May) – Sex toys: what toys have I included in my books and what would readers suggest is the best one they’ve used?
Day 3 (Wednesday 16 May) – Erotic movie scenes: what’s your favourite scene from the movies (it can be a mainstream film)?
Day 4 (Thursday 17 May) – Nude/erotic photos: is it foolhardy or liberating to have nude photos done?
Day 5 (Friday 18 May) – Humour: do readers like to read humour with their sex?
Day 6 (Saturday 19 May) – BDSM: does BDSM belong in erotic romances or should it be restricted to erotica?

I look forward to you reading my blogs and hopefully leaving comments. Do let others know about this.


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