Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Wednesday Writing - Character Profile

Character profile (this follows from last month’s character profile of Luke and the reason I highlight both of those is that I recently submitted the sequel to this book to the publisher and Retraining the Dom will be out later in the Autumn.

Name – Ann/Annabel (the latter is her BDSM name)

Book – Retraining the Sub

Love interest – Luke/Lucas (she originally jilted him at the altar)

Age – 29 (21 in opening chapter)

Hair/eyes - brassy honey-blonde hair dead straight to the tip of shoulder (used to be very long, brown and wavy before she took up BDSM), brown eyes

Height/weight - 10 inches shorter than Luke, say 5ft 3in. Now nice legs and body but used to be very thin.

Looks – Happy to show off her figure.

Other – She is ticklish! Afraid to trust, to let anyone control her.

Review from The Long and the Short of it Reviews

Retraining the Sub is fast paced and filled to the brim with bratty sub antics and a Dom that is determined to have the last word.

The tension in Retraining the Sub was well done. The trust and abandonment issues were prevalent and you could see how early events in the book shaped the character growth of Lucas and Ann. The fact that they both ended up at the same club trying to work out their issues was interesting, as were the exercises Lucas put Ann through to strengthen her skills as a sub. The dialogue was strong and the sex scenes were terrific. Writer Jennifer Denys did an excellent job of expressing to the reader exactly what was taking place, especially in the ménage scene.

The cover art on this book was absolutely yummy. Master Lucas clad in leather pants, a studded belt and a single tail whip was sexy and made me want to read this book before I even knew what it was about. Sour Cherry Designs did a superb job.

If bratty subs and the Doms that tame them are your game, then Retraining the Sub will be right up your alley.

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