Friday, 20 September 2013

Weekend Reading

This weekend's reading recommendations for you: Enjoy!

Name of author: Lily Harlem

Genre: m/m/f

Main characters: Laura - late 20's, single, photographer, looking for a good time. Josh, late 20's, hunky fireman, gay, never been with a woman, married to Nick for 10 years. Nick, 30's, successful architect, previously married to Cheryl now married to Josh.

Setting: Thatched cottage in the Costwolds.

Length: 60k

Synopsis: Nick and Josh are celebrating ten years married. Nick encourages Josh to spend one night with a woman so he 'knows what it feels like'. Josh is up for the challenge especially after Laura catches his eye. But will one night be enough for them? Can Josh really just have one taste of a woman? And is Nick as repelled by the opposite sex as he thinks he is? Only time will tell, as will a clandestine liaison in a barn, a savage storm and a shocking dice with death.

What's Hot?: Josh losing his virginity! Angry sex. Make-up sex. Threesome sex in every combination imaginable!

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Title of book: Kaylee's First Crush

Name of author: Erin M. Leaf

Genre: Rubenesque, May/Dec, Erotic Romance, MF

Main characters: 

Kaylee Paulson: Long brown hair, light blue eyes, 22 years old. She's a bit curvy and a little nerdy, but she's just graduated from college and is ready to face the world. If only she hadn't got stuck in Chicago in a huge snow storm…

Hugo Valtree: Brown hair, brown eyes, 35 years old. He used to teach high school English, and then his father died, leaving him the company and the money and all the headaches. He stuck in Chicago in a storm when he runs into a former student of his, the one he couldn't forget...

Setting: Modern day, Chicago in a snowstorm.

Length: 20,000

Synopsis: The last person Kaylee expects to run into when her flight is cancelled is Mr. Hugo Valtree, her favorite high school teacher. She’s grown up, but he’s still out of her league: he’s inherited his father’s company, making him a billionaire. She’s still shy—what can she possibly have to offer him?

What's Hot?: What could be hotter than losing your virginity with your high school crush?

Title of Book: Her Knights in Black Stetsons, Smalltown USA book 1

Name of Author: Shae Shannon

Genre: western erotic ménage BDSM

Main Characters: EmmaLee Anderson  5 ft  7 in 140 lbs long brown hair, large brown eyes, curves, 24 years old, who is down on her luck and has been in love with the three brotherly guys she grew up with since puberty.

Dixon Dennison- Oldest of the Dennison brothers at 28, mysterious, wild, shaggy dark brown hair, dark brown eyes, goatee, 6ft 6in 270lbs ripped, with a dominating personality and a stubborn streak. When he walks into a room, everyone can feel it.

Jase Dennison- baby of the Dennison brothers at 25, sweet, brown short hair, dimples, blue eyes 6ft 4in 250lbs, ripped, with an easy going, care free persona.  He is the first to crack a joke, and the last to lose his temper.

Lyndon Dennison- The middle brother at 26, short hair, honey eyes, 6ft 5in 265lbs ripped, chiseled features, high cheek bones and definition.  He also has dominating tendencies, but not as extreme as Dixon.  With a more serious approach to life, he keeps the other two grounded.

Setting: This takes place in a modern day tiny country town, where everyone knows your name and your business. 

Length: 68,326 words

Synopsis:  From pigtails to curves, EmmaLee has grown into a woman the Dennison boys can’t ignore.  They have held her heart since childhood, can they face their feelings and return her love?  With a psycho ex boyfriend holding her captive, will her knights in black Stetsons find her before time runs out?
What's Hot: 3 cowboys, hot sweaty and nekked with nothing but their cowboy hats on roping and riding in a triple penetration rodeo!

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