Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Wednesday Writing - Retraining the Dom

Exciting news. Retraining the Dom is finished and has been accepted by the publisher! It should be out next month.

In the meantime, just to remind you Retraining the Sub is the first in this two parter about Luke and Ann.

Synopsis: When submissive Ann misuses her safe word yet again she has to attend a retraining program. However, the only Master prepared to train her is Lucas, the man she jilted eight years previously.
It becomes a battle of wills to see who will lose control-the battle being about trust.

As for Retraining the Dom this is about Trey and Olivia (the heroine’s name was chosen by you readers in a competition last year!)

Synopsis: Trey has to go on Club Allure's Retraining programme, but he is too strong a Dom to be controlled by another Dom. Olivia is a mature, experienced Domme hiding a submissive streak. Can she tame Mr Control himself or will she be tamed instead?

Watch this space for the book cover and further details on release date.

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