Friday, 27 September 2013

Weekend Reading

Title of book: Arms of Serenity
Name of author: Donina Lynn
Genre: Contemporary
Main characters: Nick is ex-military, built, sexy, and emotionally damaged by the guilt he is carrying over the loss of one of his team members. Becca is a simple, small-town girl who refuses to believe she needs love to be happy. She learned her lesson long ago that love only means a broken heart and being left exactly where you started -- alone.
Setting: Modern day, Poconos
Length: 52K
Synopsis: Nick and Becca are emotionally damaged. They desperately need someone to show them how to let go of their pasts and that love is possible as long as they are willing to let it in. Will they be able to find what they’ve been missing in the Arms of Serenity?
What's Hot?: masked hook-up at a masquerade ball

Title of book:  The Men of PUMP 2: Hit It Hard

Name of author:  Alex Carreras

Genre: Male/Male Contemporary Erotic Romance

Main characters: Garrett Kross, Kip Hayes, Mateo Carrasco, Brandon Bliss, Darek Gorski

Setting: PUMP gym in Tampa, Florida

Length: 31,207 

Synopsis: It’s not the running of the gym that consumes most of Garrett’s time, but the staff. Now he’s in a relationship with Kip, and his co-owners at PUMP, Brandon and Mateo, are happily dating, everything should be perfect. All bets are off where the young, gay, and horny in Tampa go to get PUMPED.

What's Hot?: Jockstraps and toys

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Title of book: The Ravishment of Rosie
Name of author: Rosemary J. Anderson

Genre: Erotic Romance M/F

Main Characters: Caleb Black Marie Biologist, Tall, six foot four, black hair, jet black piercing eyes and chiseled jaw, the epitome of an Alpha Male. Arrogant and demanding, and the leader of a Scientific Expedition bound for Antarctica.

Rosie Florence Robinson, petite, blue eyed blonde and as innocent as the day she was born, cook on the scientific Vessel led by Caleb Black.

Setting: Modern day, Scientific Vessel bound for Antarctica.  

Length: 37,058 words

Synopsis: Thrown together on a Scientific Vessel, biologist Caleb Black and cook Rosie Robinson meet, and sparks fly. Fighting him at every turn Rosie clashes horns with Caleb in the day but finds satisfaction in his arms at night. A steamy adventure in the icy, enchanted world of icebergs and glaciers.

What’s hot?: Sex over the table in the ships galley

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