Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Wednesday Writing

I am back to doing my character profiles. These two are Matt and Lissa from ‘Friendly Seduction’ (this story being the one that engendered the new one out next month!)

Name – Matt

Book – Friendly Seduction

Love interest – Lissa

Age – early 30s.

Hair/eyes – Light brown hair, short but in need of a cut.

Height/weight – Medium height, fairly well built.

Looks – Very handsome (naturally), slightly disheveled,

Other – A sci-fi writer. Cousin to Gina (heroine in Friend or Foe). Best friends with Sam (from Just Good Friends). Forgets to talk to people when he gets engrossed in his writing.

Name – Lissa

Book – Friendly Seduction

Love interest – Matt

Age – Mid-20s

Hair/eyes – Strawberry blonde hair (more blonde than red), in a bob coming just below her chin with a fringe. Grey-green eyes.

Height/weight – Medium height and figure

Looks – Beautiful (naturally)! Heart shaped face, turned up nose

Other – Works in an office as administrator. Shares apartment with Gina. A bit shy, stammers when she gets nervous. Likes sitting on the floor.

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  1. I am looking forward to reading this book!