Friday, 10 January 2014

Weekend Reading

I am back to my Weekend Reading Recommendations for the New Year!

Title of book: Branding Ben (Rough Riders 2)

Name of author: Tatum Throne

Genre: Cowboys/BDSM/MM

Main characters:
Border Agent Nick Marshal, Age: 35, wavy black hair, dark blue eyes, Height: 6’2”, Weight: 180.

Cowboy, Ben Stone Age: 33, brown hair, bright blue eyes, Height: 5’11”, weight: 160.

Eagle Pass, Texas

Length: 30k

Border agent Nick Marshal is a Dom who likes to work and play outside his professional and personal lines. After a fight with his co-worker, Nick is reluctantly reassigned to the Rough Riders program. He’s been assigned to Ben Stone’s property to watch the border. Nick’s first assignment is to find Ben, who has suddenly gone missing.

What's Hot?:
Sex with a really hot cowboy.

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Title of book: The Wicked Rancher’s Indecent Proposal (Carnal Sins 2)

Name of author: Jan Bowles

Genre: Erotic cowboy romance/MF

Main characters:
Brett Sinclair ~ the 35 year old rancher, is tall, and deliciously wicked. 

Carly Wilson ~ the 33 year old is naturally feisty, and ready to fight for her man.

Setting:  Montana Prairie

Length: 37,865 words

Synopsis: When her father dies, Carly is surprised to discover that a significant sum of money is owed to Brett Sinclair—the rancher from next door. With the loan secured on her parents’ farmstead, Brett demands sexual favors as payment in kind. Will Carly be forced to accept his indecent proposal?

What's Hot?:
A rather wicked and unusual way to use an electric toothbrush

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Title of Book: The Bear Project
Name of Author: Doris O’Conner
Genre: Paranormal Erotic Romance
Main characters: Emmi Layne, works for ZSL (London's Zoological Society) and has a thing for bears. This little human gets more than she bargained for on a visit to Bear Country.
Cole Jackson, sexy bear shifter, and bad boy on a mission, is not prepared to meet his mate, let alone for that mate to be human.
Setting: Bear Country US, Whipsnade Zoo UK, and several pools, beds, walls and other surfaces…
Synopsis: All great love affairs start with a healthy dose of lust, right? With ancient blood lines in threat the last thing Cole Jackson needs is for his mate to be human, but destiny cannot be denied. Come what may he will claim what is his, rules be damned.
What's hot: One foul mouthed Dominant Bear shifter with a penchant for cream meets sassy human determined to make him work for it. Spankings are optional.


  1. Thank you, Jennifer, I'm in good company today, looking forward to some fabulous weekend reading!

  2. Thanks so much Jennifer :-) And I second Jan! Fabulous company to be in. x

  3. Thanks for the suggestions, Jen! I just finished The Bear Project and loved it! Looking forward to reading the other two.

  4. Thanks for having me on today!!!♥