Friday, 24 January 2014

Weekend Reading

Here are this week's Weekend Reading Recommendations:

Title: High-Stakes Loving (King’s Bluff, Wyoming 2)

Author: Fiona Archer

Genre: Erotic romance, Ménage, BDSM, Western/Cowboys

Description of main characters:

Reagan Edwards: early 30’s. Librarian. Fun sense of humor and yet shy around those alpha male types. She secretly years for the rush of being carried away by a couple of big, bad Doms.

Mike Langley: Ex-SEAL Sniper. Moved to King’s Bluff with best-friend Quinn Sullivan to recuperate from an IED injury that ended his military career. The tall, dark and deadly type, he’s had his eye on Reagan for some time and he’s decided it’s time their adorable target is caught and collared.

Quinn Sullivan: Ex-SEAL now owns a private-investigative agency that provides exclusive services to their wealthy contacts. A tall tower of a man dressed in denim, he’s ready to make a permanent home with Reagan and Mike. 

Setting: King’s Bluff, Wyoming

Length: 102,125 words

Synopsis: Former SEALs Quinn and Mike strive to gain a shy librarian’s trust. Overhearing that she adores capture fantasy stories, they make their move. Trapped between two Masters, Reagan surrenders, learning what it is to be cherished. But a secret from the past rocks their relationship, allowing danger to close in.

What’s hot?: They live out her erotic fantasy...captured and whisked away by two Doms!

Title: Finding The Blood Assassin (Lords of the Expanse 3) 
Author: Honor James

Genre: Futuristic, Science Fiction, Vampires/Werewolves

Main characters:

Jamison “Jami” Montague Age: looks in early 20’s, Eye Color: pale blue, Hair Color: long curly dark brown, Height: 5’5”

Raven Kato Age: appears late 20’s early 30s, Eye Color: pale blue, Hair Color: dark and longish, Height: 6’ ish, Weight: 240

Setting: Science Fiction / outer space

Length: 60,379 words

Synopsis: Jamison Montague can find anything, or anyone. All she needs is something of her target, something that means a lot to them. Her newest mission, finding a Vampire Lord who doesn’t want to be found, could be her hardest one yet. But she’s never failed before and she won’t this time around.

What is hot?: Sexy hot uber alpha Vampire Lord

Title of book: The Submission Challenge

Name of author: Jennifer Denys

Genre: BDSM/MF

Main characters:
Rebecca – long straight thick black hair down her back. Deep blue eyes. Beautiful. Very short in height but voluptuous. Lovely legs for her height. Aged around 27. Independent, a control freak. Runs an art gallery business with Ellie, sister of the hero.

Jon – dark-haired but not black hair. Tall around 6ft. Well-muscled and hunky. Very good looking. Grey eyes. Aged around 30. A Dominant by sexual preference. A naturally controlling person with everyone around him. Works as a lawyer.

Setting:  modern day, mostly in the hero’s house 

Length: 23k

When independent Rebecca derides Jon for being a Dominant he scoffs that she could never understand the lifestyle and challenges her to be his submissive for 24 hours. Rebecca agrees determined to show him she could be submissive yet remain detached emotionally. However, things don’t go to plan.

What's Hot?: Massage in the garden on a hot day (and everyone gets hottttt!)

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  1. Now you have so added to my Siren purchases with both Honor's and your own books! They sound fantastic. Vampire lords and massages in a garden. Yep, I'm in! Thanks for showcasing High-Stakes Loving, Jennifer! :-)

  2. I really enjoyed The Submission Challenge and have put the other two books on my TBR pile!