Friday, 17 January 2014

Weekend Reading

Here are this week's reading recommendations:

Title of book:  Irresistibly Delicious

Name of author: Debra Ann Fisk 

Genre: Mainstream Contemporary Romance

Main characters: Olivia Carson A chef- 28- long wavy honey colored hair, blue eyes. Average height 5 ft. 5in. willowy figure. Natural beauty. 

Brady Matthews a doctor - 34 Golden Blonde hair, Steel Blue eyes, Tall 6 ft 1 in, muscular 

Setting:  The story takes place at a bed and breakfast in Cozy Cove, Florida, and New York City

Length: 83,433 words

Synopsis: One feisty Southern chef. One sexy city doctor. One thousand miles apart. Trauma draws them together, but will circumstances pull them apart?  Can a headstrong surgeon and a chef learn to accept love? Or the scandal of past secrets, make them choose professional success with a side order of loneliness?

What’s hot: A massage leads to a steamy sex scene

Title: Dark Warrior

Author: Julie Shelton

Genre: historical MFM Menage erotic romance

Description of Characters: Nicholas Herron, Duke of Berwick, 27,  over 6 feet, well-muscled, skilled in all forms of combat, shaggy black hair, neat black goatee and mustache.  Rolf Torgesson, Danish knight-errant, 29, 6'3", muscular, bald, droopy silver-blond mustache and 4" goatee, gold hoop earring. Lady Kathryn Weston, 21, small, elfin features, reddish-gold hair, green eyes, a ready wit.

Setting: 14th-century England

Length: 131,000 words

Synopsis: By the time Nicholas and Rolf discover that the badly beaten woman they found hiding in the forest is betrothed to the most ruthless nobleman in all of England, it's too late--they're both in love with her. A love so forbidden it could cost them everything, including their lives

What's hot: Lots of hot, steamy sex, both MF and MFM.  The 14th century was a very bawdy era.

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Title of book: Damon's Challenge

Author: Sam Crescent

Genre: Rubenesque, MMF erotic romance

Description of main characters:
Meredith (ranchers wife), 25 years old. Dark brown hair, brown eyes and totally submissive.

Damon (loner), 35 years old, tall, muscular from years of labor. Dark hair and a dominant. He’s the one in control.

Andy (Meredith's husband), 35 years old, blond with blue eyes. He’s tall and built similar to Damon but he’s a switch and likes to be dominated from time to time.

Setting: In my fictional town of Creek Valley, a beautiful place where the town accepts everyone for the way they are.

Length: 32,136

Synopsis: Can Damon help Meredith and Andy in their struggling marriage? The instant he meets the married couple Damon sees the submissive quality in each. What is worse, he sees how their differences are tearing them apart but he knows how to fix it. His biggest challenge is getting them to see how great they could all be together.

What's hot: Damon, I fell in love with him the moment I started writing.

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