Friday, 31 January 2014

Weekend Reading

Here are this week's weekend reading recommendations:

Name of author: Bella Settarra

Genre: MF Fantasy/Gods
Description of main characters:

Heroine:  Amaranda; pretty; 21 yrs old; approx 5’4”; soft, round body; long, brown, curly hair; brown eyes; very likeable and friendly; trained as a Siren.

Hero: Eban Gal, handsome; late 20’s; approx 6’3”; stocky, strong muscular body;  curly, blond, tousled hair; dark blue eyes; tanned skin; cheeky, wide smile; confident; golden, hairy chest; Sailor.

Setting: The Island of Refrainia and then a journey across Eastland to Westland (where they finally settle).

Length: 45,375 words

After an unsettled start on Westland, events worsen for Amaranda who’s blackmailed into leaving Eban.  Her past is revealed, causing disruption and anguish on Refrainia.  Then her life is threatened when she’s captured and drugged by evil miscreant, Taneli Oris, who leaves her burning to death in a boat fire.

What's Hot?:  When Eban’s jealousy gets the better of him he turns dominant in the bedroom…

Title of book: Training Evan (Hard Hits 8)
Name of author: Tatum Throne

Genre: MM BDSM Contemporary

Main characters:

David Anderson, 32, black hair, blue eyes, height: 6’3”, weight: 170. He has long lean muscles and he's tall.

Evan Thunder, 31, blonde hair, gray eyes, height: 5’10”, weight: 160. Stocky and well muscled.

Setting: Cincinnati, Ohio

Length: 35,600 words

Synopsis: After his cover is blown, Detective David Anderson is reluctantly reassigned. He throws himself into the job, trying to forget that he’s a Dom without a sub. When Tactical Photographer Evan Thunder falls for the chief’s son, he knows he’s playing with fire.

What's Hot: Getting caught in a compromising position! *grins*

Title of book: Convincing Rowena (Passion Peak, Colorado 6) 
Author: Tara Rose
Genre: MF contemporary BDSM romance
Main Characters: Rowena Sommers Whitney: red hair, green eyes, independent, works freelance as a costume designer, has been in love with Van since Kindergarten
Van Whitney: blond hair, blue eyes, owns Whitney Restorations, has been in love with Rowena since his junior year in high school, former football player
Setting: Passion Peak, Colorado
Length: 45,875
Synopsis: As Van and Rowena Whitney seek to add BDSM play to their marriage, Passion Peak is once again in the news. This time, the treasure hunters are descendants of the Mandanici brothers, and Rowena is kidnapped as part of their desperate attempt for money.
What's hot: spanking, flogging, bondage