Monday, 20 January 2014

What's Doing Mondays

Something you never knew about me – I had a house fire about 13 years ago. I stupidly left a pan of hot oil on and forgot about it! In my hurry to take the burning pan off the stove (which was also on fire) I splashed the burning hot oil onto my hand.

The problem was, I had nowhere to put the pan down. The tiny kitchen was filling with smoke, my eyes were streaming and I couldn’t get at the smoke blanket as the tab to pull on came away in my hand.

I was about to give up when a voice in my head said, “Put the chopping board on the floor and the pan on the board. You then have two hands to cover it with a towel.” Thank you, whoever you are, my guardian angel.

I came out of that episode with nothing but a burnt hand and a singed pan and teatowel. I had to wear a special glove for a few years as the scar on my hand turning into keloid scarring but I have total use of my hand (good thing too or I would have a hard time writing my books!).



  1. How terrifying :(
    So glad your guiadian angel came to your aid x x x

    1. I was SOO lucky! Also survived drowning.... but I told that story in an earlier post!

  2. That is so awful! I am glad that you are ok and that your hand is now fine.