Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Men for Hire anthology - final selection

You may remember a few months ago I talked about co-ordinating an anthology for Luminosity Publishing called ‘Men for Hire’.

We had all the submissions in just before Easter and it was great fun choosing who would go in this anthology along with myself. I am pleased to announce the successful authors are:

Tina Donahue

Michelle Roth

Bella Settarra

And me.

Apart from myself they are all new to Luminosity – so welcome, ladies.

The four stories are MF – with one MFM from Bella. The theme is a firm in London run by Jennifer Archer who offers ‘men for hire’ to do any job from dog walking, house sitting, DIY, chauffeuring, etc. We were looking for ‘hot’ romantic stories and certainly have some great ones including men who put exercise equipment together ‘Got Muscle?’, who do house repairs ‘Calculated risk’, and who sweep chimneys ‘Menage at Mealtime’ and my story is about Jennifer Archer herself, ‘Marital Duties’.

Over the next few months I am doing an interview with each of the authors talking about their experiences writing their short story as well as telling us more about themselves. So watch this space…

In the meantime, we will be doing a further call for MM stories to go in a follow up anthology along with same theme – so watch out for that.


  1. It's wonderful to see this project slowly start to evolve, Jennifer. Good luck to all the authors. 'Men For Hire' is sure to be a winner. :)

    Kate x

    1. Thanks, Kate. It is lovely to work for such a great publisher.

  2. Wow what an exciting project! I can't wait to read the anthology! Thank you for all of your hard work, Jennifer!!