Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Blog Hop Day 3: erotic movie scenes

This is the third day of my blog hop to celebrate the release of two books this month - Friend or Foe and The Sub Who Switched both available from and out on Amazon in about a month. They are the final books in the series ‘Friends & Acquaintances’ and ‘Doms & Acquaintances’.
Each day this week I am highlighting a different theme from my stories. Read down to the end because there is a chance to win a prize.

Erotic movie scenes: what’s your favourite erotic scene from the movies (and I am talking mainstream, not pornographic!)?

In Friend or Foe the heroine is writing her first ever erotic romance and she has her characters recreate erotic scenes from the movies. This was not inspired by films like Ghost because, personally, I find the ‘clay’ scene extremely yucky and not at all arousing.

Instead it comes from Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid which, for me, has the most erotic movie scene ever when Etta goes into her bedroom and there is a man there who threatens her with his gun and tells her to strip. The viewer at first doesn’t realise that this is Sundance and he is her lover. As I state in the book, you don’t have to actual flesh and groping hands to be sensual – it is about the build up of sexual tension. (Most people remember the bicycle scene and forget about that one).

I had great fun trying to remember what films I had seen which aroused me or were known for the erotic scenes (Ghost does get a mention). Other films included Basic Instinct, Lady and the Tramp (yes, really!), Dirty Dancing, Pretty Woman and many others. In addition I also added several other films into the description or dialogue where were not necessarily erotic ones. There are 50 films altogether. If you read the story and want the full list – do email me!

So, do leave me a comment telling me your favourite erotic scene from the movies. I will choose the most interesting comment each day and the winner will win a free PDF copy of one of my books (see full list on Come back on Sunday when I will have a list of the winners.

And don’t forget to come back tomorrow when the theme is ‘Nude and Erotic Photos’.

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  1. One of my favorite erotic scenes that I couldn't forget was one from Lilies, a film from the mid-nineties. The main story takes place in a Catholic boys' school in the early 20th Century.

    Simon, who is uncertain about his sexuality, is adored by Vallier who knows who he is, what he wants and who he loves.

    In the beginning, there is a theatrical rehearsal where Simon is tied to a post as a martyr or saint to be killed. Vallier acts as his beloved. The scene between them is poignant and vulnerable when after the rehearsal Simon is still tied up, and Vallier takes advantage to kiss Simon's cheek and neck.

    The scene is interrupted, but in that short time and place their relationship becomes painfully clear. Simon holds back his feelings while Vallier bares himself completely. It's painful and sad, but highly effective and extremely erotic. Even today I remember the scene very well. No matter what happens in the film later, that scene lingers. perhaps because of the hope there, soon lost.

  2. Thanks for your comment, Susan. Keep the comments coming - you can always go back and comment on an earlier day's blog. The winners will be chosen on Sunday - one from each day. Tomorrow's blog is erotic photos!

  3. I think one of the most sexy movie scenes (in a non pornographic movie) is the fridge scene from 9 1/2 weeks. eyes closed and fed fruits and such right from the fridge very sexy, even the milk part. Very fun!

    1. Thanks for your comment. I need to choose a winner for the week to get the goodie bag from Sh! Women's Sex Emporium who is a UK resident so I am contacting all those I don't know where they live to ask you to respond to this blog or email me on and let me know if you are resident in the UK.


  4. I don't really watch too many movies. Now from a book, oh boy I have a list a mile long. Hahaha

  5. My favorite sexy movie scene, doesn't even come from a particularly sexy movie, but from The Terminator. When Kyle and Sarah consummate their relationship is a pretty intense moment overall, but that one close-up of their hands and fingers linked is just SO intense and made me pretty hot.

  6. Great blog topic, Jen.. It's kind of an old cable movie, but it starred Sherilynn Fenn and it was called Two Moon Junction. It had some.. umm.. NICE parts. :)